Hi, I'm Kevin!

Originally born and raised in Wensleydale (where the cheese comes from!) I have been a keen photographer for as long as I can remember.


20 years ago I began shooting weddings following doing a favour for a friend.


What started out as a fun hobby eventually became a career for me when I moved to Leeds and began working in a photographic studio.


It was during this time I learned the importance of understanding how unique and individual people are and more importantly, how to capture this through photography.


The key, I believe is to simply let people do what comes naturally and get myself into the action to capture it!


This is how I approach my photography.


I enjoy seeing real things happen and creating real life images to document it.


Nowadays I apply my photography skills to every aspect of my life whether it be creating epic landscape shots during my travels, capturing family relationships, producing funky live concert images, or documenting a bride and grooms biggest day in their lives.


Watching life unfold through a lens is a fun and exciting place to be.

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